VPICS is here!

Lots of people have cell phones and creating videos is really easy and fun.

SPHERE188 makes choosing between making a video and getting that perfect picture a thing of the past. Go ahead make a video and we will help you find the perfect shot inside it. This is can be exceptionally useful for improving athlete performance because it provides an unparalleled observation capability.  

Solid foundation

Quality control can be a very tedious and labor intensive task, but it doesn’t have to be. Our automated process will improve detection rates and speed. It  also provides an objective assessment that operates tirelessly 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  All this while while reducing cost. It is a win-win senario that can’t be beat.

Whether it is determining if the right person is punching a time clock or the wrong person is at the door, we have robust technology for identifying fraud or risk in real time.

Maybe it is less of a threat like controlling sprinkler to scare a deer and not spray the mailman.  

We have designed location awareness capability for empowering robotic navigation based on reading signs. Our neural-net procedure can be trained to meet your environmental needs. It just takes samples and a little time.

Sorting through images or documents based on similarity at a lighting fast pace has never been easier. If you business is identifying people or content in images contact us now to find out how to streamline this process.



SOLUTIONS at your fingertipss

Provide the watermark you would like added and upload images to the WATERMARK folder. Come back a little while later and they will all be watermarked and ready to use.

Dont’t let someone walk away with your property. We can add legal COPYRIGHT messages inside or right on your images (or both). Let us know the rights holder (put it in a file called COPYRIGHTMSG and upload the images,  we will do the rest.

Upload your movie to the SLOWMOTION or TIMELAPSE folder and give the system a couple minutes. Find the completed slow motion version in the SLOWMOTION-COMPLETE  or TIMELAPSE-COMPLETE folder.

We offer two types of stills extractions. FULLSTILLS extracts every frame your video has. Depending on the quality a one minute video can render 3600 pictures. KEYFRAMES extracts just indexed frames and might be a good place to start.

This features deletes the blurry pictures so you won’t have to sort through them. Its just an option.

If you have an image need we haven’t listed here it is very likely we can still do it. Contact us to discuss.


Whether you are supporting a team for the season or just a big event we have a package that works for you. Contact us to learn more or to schedule a demonstration.