Vigilant Video Monitoring

Any Webcam Video

We can extract activity from any webcam hooked into our system

Protected Offsite Evidence

there is absolutely nothing the intruder can do to remove the evidence because it is safely in the cloud

While You're Away

Any time you are away your computer can be tracking its surrounding

Notify Now

receive email, text messages or both  when an intruder enters the field of view

Simple AS 1,2,3

Use all existing videos right now, just mirror your videos into our cloud enclave and we do the rest. Even if someone on premise takes your computer all videos of them are captured where they cant get to it. You can even view the activity remotely view

CLOUD Service

Simply plug our key in and reboot. StepAway tracks everything that happens while you’re away. Point your camera to the best angle and everything is tracked until you return.

Cloud & USB

Nothing to install and nothing to know. Simply hook your camera to our cloud system and we do the rest. There is no where to hide and no way cuplrits can delete evidence.

Michigan based PRX Solutions backs this product and protection of your data.

This solution is based on our Amazon Web Services product Sphere188.